The Retail Industry demands particular security infrastructure to meet the unique risks placed upon it, while retail businesses need discreet and effective solutions.

Triex Security builds business partnerships with its retail clients to implement the best of new technology. There is a clear process required from investigation, to design, trial, evaluate, implement and maintain.

Some recent advances in technology have made it possible for common problems found in the retail sector to be reduced, by using:

Till based employees are a cause of loss in retail: Items can be passed through without being scanned. The increase use of digital recording systems allows for a combination of inputs to be recorded: Of course DVR’s are based upon CCTV inputs but increasingly the data that passes through a Till can simultaneously to be recorded to the hard drive of a DVR.

Reducing Verbal Abuse:

Using a new device Triex can equip all your vulnerable shop workers with a mobile panic alarm. The advantage over other systems is that with this device a call is made from the system allowing a 24/7 alarm centre to coordinate intervention and record valuable evidence.