Fire Systems


Fire is perhaps the most destructive occurrence for any business to recover from.

Despite even the most robust disaster recovery policies, in the event of a Fire, when a building is occupied, emergency services would be called, but impact to business and employees can be irreversible.

In the event of a fire in an un-occupied, un-monitored building the effect of a fire can be a total loss of all assets, and an end to business continuity.

Would your business be able to function tomorrow, if you lost all your records / equipment / stock?

A national clothing retailer lost business estimated at over 2 million pounds after a fire in their central distribution centre, despite robust disaster recovery policies.

Triex can install, service and maintain all sizes and systems on the market and we can also integrate sprinkler systems, gas extinguishing systems and brigade command and control centres.

We can also give a full health check of your systems for compliance to BSEN standards, and provide advice for your business to help you meet any recommendations from Fire / Council enforcement officers.