Education Sector


Educational Sites present unique challenges for the security system designer. School budgets are often limited, but an adequate security solution cannot be compromised. Staff, students, children as well as physical assets need to be protected.

Access Control systems can be efficient and effective ways of meeting this twin challenge. In many secondary schools the problems are not just external threats but also from conflicts that arise between pupils and/or pupils and staff. Triex believe that our Lone Worker / Peoplesafe service is highly effective in protecting staff from conflict within extreme incidents.

The system can be used to bring support quickly to a situation. Secondly verbal agression by pupils can be recorded for appropriate use later. Triex is sensitive to ensure that the choice of the service and implementation is effective and would be pleased to discuss this further with the Head Teacher or Board of Governors.

Face to Face

• Intelligent CCTV is the possibility to monitor fenced areas and for alarms to be raised for example when someone climbs the fence.

• Remote CCTV Monitoring can be implemented easily and quickly through an existing broadband connection; 

• IP cameras and systems can further increase effectiveness and reduce cost.

Triex delivers broad packages of measures for security in schools through the process of design, implementation and maintenance.