CCTV Systems


CCTV is being used to protect people and company assets from the unwanted attention of criminally minded individuals and teams. Whether just a deterrent or an effective means of evidence collection, CCTV Systems are a cornerstone of the security solution.

The amount of CCTV systems available are vast. That is why it is so important to speak to a company that can steer a course through all the possibilities that are available to protect your organisation using CCTV technology.

At the heart of the system is a recording device, most installations use a local recording system with digital being the format of choice. However it is entirely feasible to remotely monitor CCTV pictures from a remote location, ask us how we can reduce your manned guarding expenses using this facility.

Some of the more interesting recent developments include:-

IP Security

With the advancement of the internet and the availability of high bandwidth telecommunications, IP infrastructure can now carry video and data traffic too, useful for security purposes.

The advantage of this is that security services such as CCTV, Access Control and Intruder Alarm can also be attached, allowing alarm images, time/date etc. information to be delivered to any local PC desktop, mobile phone, PDA or, if the client requires, overseas to a central data storage hub.

By converging video, voice and data networks onto a single IP-based network, a company can lower its total cost of network ownership by reducing expenditures associated with equipment and maintenance, network administration and network carrier charges. A converged network improves employee effectiveness and also provides a solid foundation for a new generation of applications, based on IP technology. Convincing the board to invest in new technology in these lean economic times can be daunting. IT initiatives must support core business strategies, but also provide quick returns. IP based security products can deliver both. But to prepare for migration to a converged network, companies must understand all the relevant factors.

By inviting Triex Security to be the Security Experts at the start of your IP Network discussions then the whole life benefits of IP based security systems can be fully realised. We will work with you to ensure the IP network as a whole is designed to allow security services to work alongside all the other services based on the network.

Key Benefits

- Using existing IP networks to underpin the installation of the CCTV system: with IP enabled cameras, it is possible to use the power of an IT network to transmit and record CCTV images. There is then the added advantage of remote monitoring with easy to use web browsing software. 

- Covert systems can be installed quickly and efficiently to allow employers to respond to risk situations presented by employees or clients. TriEx Security can provide a fast response to installation requirements. 

- Car Registrations can be automatically recorded by new systems that are available, this allows for simple things are automatic access to restricted areas or to be used a simple record of staff movement. 

- Digital Recorders are advancing as they ’learn’ what activities should create an alarm, for example a person climbing a fence can now raise an alarm.