Stock shrinkage – losses caused by customer theft and staff fraud – is a fact of life for all retailers. Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems can deter and detect theft while allowing customers to browse through openly displayed goods.

As a retailer you know the threat to your business posed by theft. EAS can be designed to blend with any kind of retail environment, making minimal demand on floor space – and ensuring that the impact on the shopping experience on your honest customers is minimised.

Virtually any item in your store can be protected with a tag or label. High value items, such as clothing, can be protected with a prominent tag, while even small pocketable items can be protected with an adhesive label. With source tagging – the provision of anti-theft labels to products at point of manufacture – there is no need to use expensive staff time to apply labels to high risk lines.

The benefits of EAS:
• Protects any exit width
• Reduce shrinkage
• Solutions to suit every retailer
• Pedestals and accessories deter theft
• High reliability reduces maintenance
• Low false alarms increasing employee confidence
• Reduced disruption to store trading during installation 

Whether you need consultation and advice on security at the design stage, or effective solutions to an existing security problem, we will put our expertise at your disposal.

Typical EAS system consists of:

• A set of pedestals located at your exit and a tag or label affixed to each item in store.
• A detacher to remove the tag or a deactivator to disable the label at the point of sale provides a smooth and efficient checkout process.
• Any attempt to remove a secured product from the store will activate an alarm as the shoplifter passes between the pedestals

Triex carries out individual surveillance requirements and designs bespoke integrated systems to meet your security needs. With expertise to recommend the most appropriate and cost effective solution. Being independent of hardware manufacturers allows Triex to recommend and install the best equipment available in the market place today, ensuring your security requirements are kept as the highest priority and unnecessary expense is avoided.