Access Control


Access Control Systems: Most of the capabilities of an Access Control system are determined by the features in the centre – the “brains” of the system. From simple systems controlling a few doors to large and complex systems for multi-site operation with integration into CCTV and alarm systems.

Many systems being installed now are being kept flexible for growth and integration in the future so, more than most systems, be sure to take a two-year look ahead when specifying a new Access Control system. 

Access Control Door Entry: Door entry devices come in many types to handle the many environments of Access Control. At one end of the range are the sophisticated devices – for example biometric readers. At the other end are the most simple and robust vandal resistant readers for the hostile environments; and there are of course many options in between – video, audio, or simple keypad entry. 

Effective perimeter security has become increasingly important over recent years. Care needs to be taken to ensure that inappropriate security systems are avoided to minimise high false alarm rates requiring human intervention. 

An array of technology is available to suit each situation especially where a high level of security is required.

Triex Security will project manage this aspect of your requirements, we will select the most appropriate technology for your needs and ensure full integration into our overall solution.